Need help making a GUI on an entity

Im trying to make a interactive ATM which you can deposit and withdraw money from, I cant code that, but I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how I could put a gui on the ATM machine and have it so if i were to click the deposit menu, it would change menu’s.

Im thinking it works somewhat like how DarkRP printers would work…

Do you mean like, 3D-ish putting, or when pressing E on it? If 3D-ish, then look on youtube, there are plenty of tutorials, Code Blue got one wich goes well in detail. But for interaction you need ‘special modules’ to make it easier.

Like this, but not a money printer, but the same kind of idea.

EDIT: Ive found the video!

Yea, but the video just talks about designing, not buttons.

when you’ve learned about 3D2D, I’d suggest you to use this module: