Need Help making a heirarchy of rotating rings

Here is a screenshot and a VMF


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refrain from making your own thread as well, just use the question mega-thread.

I know how to make 1 ring rotate, my question is more specifically how to enable a heirarchy of rings that rotate the dependent rings too.

Change each ring to a func_rotating…

This is what you want?

I just shat a brick.

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Now the only question is how do I make it fire lasers at the center, and also have a stasis hollow spere LOL


Yeah I made those and an info target, But making them rotate with the inner ring seems tricky

Make a custom particle effect.

When I play it in ep2 the lasers work, so maybe you just chose an ep2 only laser sprite?

Parent them to the ring.

I don’t know how to do that, and I couldn’t find any tutorials.

If you look at the file I uploaded I have the lasers parented to the inner ring.
Just check the properties of the env_lasers and see the “Parent” is set to “Ring1”.

Okay, so I have revised my design goals to making a ring of tracers that leaves behinds a trail like in gmod?

I have been wanting to make one of these for ages, just never got around to it. Mines kind of half arsed right now. I haven’t recorded the current version (I will if I do something interesting mind you). But this is what I have;

The lighting is a bit iffy right now. And why the shit is the core so rippled. Whatever, I kind of like it that way.

Type in the coordinates 2687 12142 5161 in view>go to coordinants and place the ball there.

related I did this a few days ago:

The core requires a certain position to work? What the hell Valve.

Woah this is weird.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a map as well, but instead of using hammer I’m going to use 3dsmax. I want to use this for an Alien Swarm map.

I’m new to modeling still and I’m just learning how to actually skin stuff with UVmapping. If I ever do finished, maybe I’ll make a bigger, higher poly version.

That doesn’t look like it would be to difficult to make in Hammer. If you want to have it as a model, you could just use Propper.