need help making a ride-able mobile platform

i want to make a mobile platform that can be ridden kind of like the ones from portal but i want it so the players don’t actually have to be on the platform, just close to it so that other things can be welded on it or the player can fly next to it. also it doesn’t have set way points which from what i gather from the tutorial on how to make the portal platforms are required. so far i have tried 3 things:

the first thing i tried was using SetPos to move the player with the prop. the result is sort of what i want, but everything is jittery and because i am bypassing the physics engine when the player collides with the floor or something near by, it sees that the prop is moving fast while the player isn’t moving at all resulting in instant death.

the second thing i tried was parenting the player to the prop. the result was almost what i want. the player moves with the prop perfectly but falls though the prop when it moves and when the prop turns the players movement gets really messed up.

the third thing i tried was creating an anchor point at the players pos, parenting it to the prop, and welding the player to the anchor. this didn’t work at all as that welds to the player don’t seem to be enforced, my guess is that is because the player is using a different physics type for movement.

i’m out of ideas and would appreciate anyone else’s thoughts on it

wrong section

Use chairs? I didn’t bother reading lol