need help making a vehicle?

i was wondering how to make a car model into a workign vehicle (in vehicle tb not adv dupe).
if im int he wrong secion plz move me or direct me to the correct one im kinda new. thanks!


also if kuno86 or kuno or whatever u call him would respond thatd b cool i heard he helps ppl do this or something?

Ah, the wonders of google…

The only thing I found by googling were the ones made with props and tools.
He wants to make a vehicle that appears in the vehicles tab.

You need to learn lua coding for that…

Not really, just copy a vehicle’s code and change a few parts.

Won’t help if you don’t know a bit of what is there :wink: and you need some models too…

The only thing you need to know is basic skill of reading english.
Models are VERY easy to find.

Yes, to find.
No, to make.


Copy an existing one and mess around with it. If it doesnt work, mess around more. That’s how I do things. One day you will get it. You cant be afraid to read ALL of the code.