Need help making a weapon menu system.

Could anyone help with a system like csgo’s weapon buying? Money for kills, menu where you buy a primary/pistol/4 grenades + equipment (armour and stuff) no idea, my gamemode is an edited form of someone elses so I’m not a good coder at all, complete noob, I’ve tried and failed at learning to code, I can only do level design sadly.

I don’t want all the work done, giving me example code and pointing me to put things where is enough, I can even make a basic derma menu (I can worry about making it look good later.)

Well you’ll want to store money as a networked variable on the player object. If you are running a gamemode that is supposed to work on persistent money, then you should also store the money values either as a flatfile under the data directory, a player-specific database value, or SQL.
You might also want to store the money values in some kind of data storage at least temporarily if you don’t intend to have persistent money, because that way if a player crashes, they can rejoin and have their previously-earned money for that session, much like CS:GO’s competitive system.

You’ll also need to set up tables and the like for weapons and their associated prices/display info. Everything after that is GUI.

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Oh don’t forget that those tables will have to be shared so that both the server and client can see it.

I can maybe help with the derma.

This might help you with the backbone, it’s my old XP system I made for a server’s deathmatch area. Just ignore any net part as 1. it requires a custom net library extension and 2. it’s only for chat printing.

You might also want to remove any pdata