Need help making DarkRP usergroups with bonus paychecks

I hope I’m in the right section for this. I’m trying to make a donation system for my DarkRP server, but some perks require a higher pay per User Group. I have 4 additional usergroups for VIP but I need help on how I should do this. I’m using ULX.


Lowest VIP will get a 5% raise on every paycheck.
Next VIP will get a 10% raise on every paycheck.
Third VIP will get a 15% raise on every paycheck and $25,000 in-game cash.
Last VIP will get a 25% raise on every paycheck and $50,000 in-game cash.

Can anyone help me with this? I’m sure it’s something simple-ish but I’m completely stumped on how and where I’d start to do this. Thanks a ton.

dark rp in general is a pain