Need help making specific stuff for my SteamID

I want to make it so I don’t take any damage as my Steam ID and I can spawn unlimited props, lights, etc. only for my Steam ID so I have no limit on one of my friends servers.

I know the one part but some others I forget like

function OnlyMe(ply)
for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) if !v:SteamID <********> then
ply:SetHealth 3000000000

I would really like it if someone could help me, thanks.

That code above is pseudo code right? It has a number of syntax errors.

Use the PlayerSpawn() hook to set your health instead of for looping through all player entities.

Instead of doing that for no damage though why not just hook onto PlayerShouldTakeDamage()? If the Steam ID is equal to yours then return false.

As for spawning props, always return true for your ID in this hook. I think that’s work fine.