Need help making two solid blocks smash eachother

I have been wondering how to do this for a little while now. You see, I want to make two spikewalls move and crush the player on the floor. How would I be able to do this? Can anyone do a step-by-step tutorial?

If you want a smooth animation like the ones in portal 2, you would have to make a model for it.

If not, you could just make the crusher out of brushes and make it a func_door or func_moveliner (Whatever floats your boat).
Set the movement direction to down, increase the speed and set crush damage on it to something high. A few hundred should do it.
then you just need an output to it so it opens and closes again after if you want to reset it.

And add sound, and screenshake to it in order to make it seem like it’s heavy and such.

How would one do such a thing?

ambient_generic and env_shake

Use triggers to trigger ambient_generics, and env_screenshakes

Goddamn ninjas :saddowns: