Need help making worldmodels that work in Gmod 10


Long-story-short :

I am downloading packs of weapons of, 95% of all of them have either no world model or are “crotch-cannons” :C which sucks. I found a weapon I REALLY REALLY want to work 100%. It has the crotch problem.

I was told in a previous cry for HELP that it was the “bones” of the model. I have had 3ds Max 2009 for a while now and I was wondering can anyone show me, link me, or post me a way to make this weapon correctly work in gmod 10.

Thanks :smiley:

please help

It’s not as easy as it may seem. Can you tell us which model this is?
The thing is, an existing worldmodel has to be decompiled and this model you want must be replaced in the reference files. It’s not the easiest job if you’re not experienced in 3DS, and I don’t think there are any tutorials around.

I aint experienced with 3ds max, but I am fairly experienced in making models, I thought it was something to do with the .qc file, and how the player holds the weapon.

It’s really basic rigging, you check the hold type of the weapon, for example a AR2, you decompile the AR2, and your perferred weapon. After that you import them both into your perferred moddeling program, import the AR2 with bones and all, but the other model just the mesh. Then you align your perferred model with the AR2, remove the AR2 mesh, rig the weaponbone to the mesh of your weapon, compile and this should be your results:[/media]
or a slightly better result in certain ways:

Remember, it won’t always be perfect (atleast not that I know of) since the holdtype stays the same. Once that lua animation API has a fully finished editor, you should be able to change minor things, for a better result.

If this isn’t clear enough I might make a image based tutorial, as soon as I got the time.

Nice one :smiley: thanks