Need help - map have weird glitch

Hi guys,sry if im writing in wrong category,and excuse me for my bad english.
So yeah im making one surf map,everything was fine,map had 0 problems, but yesterday i think when new Source SDK update came map got some glitches.
First of all i think map is not leaking somewhere,i dont get any errors,already tried using cordon tool to locate problem but no success.
Second thing is that some ramps now have weird “shadows” on it,you can see bellow in images.

As i said,no errors,map was working fine,tried different compile settings :frowning:

If anyone can help <3


Here is pastebin of log (its kinda long):

EDIT: image tags doesnt work -_-

What exactly is the first issue? also use
and hotlink the images (


Second issue you can fix by raising the lightmap scale on the ramps.