Need help modding Alyx's top...

Hi everyone, this is my first post here, great community! I have a question, i am trying to mod Alyx from CM 7 (the one with the crop-top, low-rise jeans), but am having issues. Could someone please tell me how to go about lengthening her t-shirt? I have tried replacing it, editing the VMT and VTF files, but the new shirt simply conforms to the same length as the original, ie, short!

Do i need to take the Model files (MDL etc) and VMT’s/Vtf’s into some sort of editor for serious editing? Thanks, all help appreciated.

Well seen as you’re trying to edit the length you’ll need to take it into 3ds Max (or XSI Mod Tool if you don’t have max) and edit the model from there.

Thanks for reply. Is it quite simple to change clothing proportions/lengths on either of these programs? Sorry, have not used them as yet.

Well I presume you’d just extend it down a bit and then just recompile the model. Although, that’s if you don’t mind the texture stretching.

If you’ve never modeled/textured/compiled/rigged before I’d say don’t bother. Start with something easier.

How about blender? I know how to make textures in Photoshop and export them as VTF. I also know how to hex stuff. Will blender be able to lengthen the top at all?

Any modeling software will probably work. I’m no fan of blender, though. What you need to do is: Import it > Move the vertices to lengthen the top > Fix the rigging (may not be necessary) > Export > Re-compile.

Great, thanks everyone for the replies, i will go try that now, will report back.