need help ( new player)

hello, i bough Rust yesterday and unfortunaly i havent managed to make a house or sleeping bag since there is DDos attack…And got killed many MANY times…so lets go to the point…
If i start playing on UK 1 server and i create house with sleeping bag,i log out when im done and when i come back to play i log into server UK 2 will be there my items? or if i start playing on UK 1 my items will be ONLY on UK1…?

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need help plz

To be honest, the game only really works well with 10-25 populated player servers. It gets too cramped very fast otherwise. Anymore and it’s just utter chaos. Additionally when you’re in bed, there’s nothing stopping someone blowing your place to hell. I believe allowing a player to create explosives are a mistake, and receiving anymore than 1 explosive from plane drops. This way explosives will be valued, it’s far too easy to churn out 50 charges within a day, more so with more than a couple of people.

To survive you need resources and shelter. Unfortunately resources are limited to small domains around the map, veering off the road too much will end you up in the middle of no where, where nothing spawns. Some use this to place their base just outside the perimeter. Once you have a spot, just go hard collecting resources and raiding towns & attacking zombies when there’s a low chance of players spotting you. The older a server gets, the more houses are strategically placed around landmarks of value, the players will sit back and shoot anyone who moves. I suggest creeping light on gear.

In the current game’s state, along you’re most likely just going to be meat for the bandits. There’s not really a lot you can do about gangs of bandits on your own, however you can band together. But generally bandits do too with the soul intention of just trying to annoy/ruin players and their houses.

I’ve found over playing, it takes a certain kind of person to be a bandit. In real life they wouldn’t dare, online they’re trolls and by night Rust rewards these non-team players extraordinarily well.

Cramped servers aren’t all that bad, the map feels pretty sizely, although there are a lot of people running around. If you wanted to get on one of the big cramped servers, just set yourself off by making wood sheds, doors, and hidden stashes (like little bags). Mainly, what I can guarantee, is that your stuff that isn’t in a hidden stashpile will be stolen overnight. Once you can though, just get a metal door. That seems to be the only key to not being raided overnight.

The server that you create your stuff on is that server alone. For example, if you’re on UK 1, and log onto UK 2, your stuff will not be there.
Another thing is, join community servers, not the bigger ones. It’s universal that a lot of people on one server means people who don’t have an army of friends behind them usually get killed…

  1. Make some friends
  2. Find a community server to play on with a player cap of 50
  3. Keep on keeping on

yes, but if u used to play on UK1 and then u go and start playing on UK2 will be ur stuff on any server u log in? or only on the server u gained items?

Server specific, which is a different approach to the original DayZ.

Everything is per-server. Everything.

Use this to learn more about the game: