Need help no Hud or anything really

So i got my key, went to the site and hit play, downloaded the unity program, and well, connected. I can hit I to see the inventory, but there’s no numbered bottom row just a row of slots and to the right a list of items.

Along with that, when i do loot items, i cant use any as i don’t see a H.U.D. screen, no health bars, radiation, food, etc. Cant use any tools as the quick access bar (the one that allows you to equip items by pressing numbers) is not there either, i’m not sure what i should do? i re-installed the Unity program, reset my pc.

please help.


What i did was the following

step 1) Open NVIDIA control pannel (my graphics card)
Step 2) Click desktop on top of control pannel
step 3) make sure “add run with graphics processor” is enabled (a check is by it)
step 4) right click on the browser (I chose chrome)'s icon on your desktop!
step 5) run with graphics processor (the one that doesn’t say default by it.)

Then go to the website :D!

Many people have had the same problem as you, including me. It’s mostly users with AMD video cards that are having this problem.

What worked for me was updating my video drivers.

How to do that if I have AMD card?

Not sure, hmm, does it have a control pannel? perhaps it’s similar solution wise?

If you’re using AMD, there should be a program installed on your computer called “AMD VISION Engine Control Center” There, you should be able to update your drivers.
If that’s not installed and you’re using an AMD video card, you could always get the update through the Steam client or the actual AMD website itself.

How do I do this with a Intel

got intel graphics 4000 and i dont have any hud either, how does i fix it??

I’m not very experienced with Intel. I do know on the official Intel website, there’s a utility that “detects what driver updates are relevant to your computer, and then helps you install them quickly and easily”
Here’s the link to the page.

I meant how do I "add run with graphics processor"
With Intel, anyone know. I know how to update, I’ve already updated everything possible to my knowledge.