Need help no hud!!!!

hi i have been playing gmod fine online for like 4 hours then turned my pc off for a break when i started gmod and went in a rp server i had no hud or in sp or any server when i pressed 1 or 23456 nothing its really annoying especially for rp it happend after the update

its not my graphics card its nvidia geforce 9800 gtx
and my specs

core 2 duo 3ghz
4gb of ram
1tb hard drive
win 7 ultimate


type cl_drawhud 1 in console?

nope doesnt work

Define what you do to put cl_drawhud 1 in console.

an Addon may be causing it

Where did you get a high-end video card, a terabyte HD, and Windows 7?

Improve your spelling. Please.
What addons do you have?