Need help now!!! (server error gamemode)

i dont know what just happened to my server but when i restart it it gave me this error so how to fix it?

[ERROR] gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/modules/fadmin/fadmin/access/sh_shared.lua:26: attempt to concatenate a nil value

  1. callback - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/modules/fadmin/fadmin/access/sh_shared.lua:26
  2. queryValue - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/libraries/mysqlite/mysqlite.lua:300
    3. AddGroup - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/modules/fadmin/fadmin/access/sh_shared.lua:23
    4. OnUsergroupRegistered - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/modules/fadmin/fadmin/access/sh_shared.lua:53
    5. callback - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/modules/fadmin/fadmin/access/sv_init.lua:60
    6. query - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/libraries/mysqlite/mysqlite.lua:300
    7. callback - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/modules/fadmin/fadmin/access/sv_init.lua:26
    8. query - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/libraries/mysqlite/mysqlite.lua:300
    9. fn - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/modules/fadmin/fadmin/access/sv_init.lua:14
    10. Call - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:110
    11. unknown - gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/libraries/mysqlite/mysqlite.lua:161

Timer Failed! [Simple][@gamemodes/militaryrp/gamemode/libraries/mysqlite/mysqlite.lua (line 159)]

This just happened spontaneously without you changing anything?

I’m guessing database

yeah just restart the server only

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so is there a way to fix this?

Yeah, don’t concatenate a string with a nil value

i will just turn off the fadmin until someone tell me how to fix this shit

If it’s an error with FAdmin, you can always try updating to a newer version

Keep it off. It’s the only way to fix it.

Could it have been anything to do with renaming DarkRP to MilitaryRP by any chance?

It has nothing to do with renaming it to militaryrp. You might have to re-install a fresh version of the darkrp gamemode. I have had this happen to me and that fixed it.

In anycase, it’s because you are running an outdated version of DarkRP. This issue was fixed in commit 4934fbd of Dec 6, 2015.

it is the lasted version of darkrp but i will just keep the Fadmin off and continue my llife