Need help NPC Maker

NPC maker Help me <3
I dont know how to add in custom NPC’s and weapones to the NPC Maker list, i have only the deafult npc and weapones like SMG1.

i am making a map where npc spawn in by buttons

I planing to have droids and plaster insted. Any that can help me whit this, that i can add in and change weapone in to npc maker?

And some how i can see the npc soliders as droids and i dont know what i have done but when i have the map for addons on the workshop ppl se combine soilders?

And how to make sure others can see them when they ar downloading map

I be most greatful if any can help me <3

Realy need help quick

Whoa, either google translate is fucking around with you, or I’m just having a hard time reading and this is my final post before I have a stroke.

But you should be able to change their weapons through the “Weapons” value in the editor. Assuming you have the rest of the entities working, this shouldnt be a problem.

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To be honest you should confide these questions to The Megathread if you’re looking for “fast” responses. But this section isn’t heavily populated, so you’ll get responses when they’re provided. Don’t expect speedy resolution.