Need help on editing the AR2 in Half-Life 2


I am currently working to replace the AR2 for Half-Life 2 using the MissingInformation OICW. I seem to have hit an obstacle and I have a few questions to ask.

  1. The sounds seem very confusing to me. I’m not on my computer at the moment, but the sound files have a .wav extension (eg. ar1_fire1.wav), yet in the script for the AR2, the sound is something like Weapon_AR2.single. If I paste in the sound file it leaves no sound. Where do I find the names for these sounds like the latter?

  2. I pasted in all the w and v models from the MI OICW a models folder (like any other mod would do). When I put it like this into HL2/the custom folder, it shows the model and reload animation, but not the texture (it’s just pink and black checkers). Would I need to rename the OICW models as the AR2 models, or am I doing it right kind of thing?

  3. How can I add in the muzzle flash? Every time I fire the weapon, which is at the moment, checkers and using AR2 sounds, the AR2 bullets come out, but with no muzzle flash.

  4. Also, how can I fix the secondary fire? Every time I fire it, it just lowers the weapon, as if aiming at a friendly, then snaps back up and fires the ball.

Thanks for reading. I’m very sorry, I haven’t done this before and want to learn, and also, there aren’t any OICW models out there (the only one on gamebanana is broken).

Sorry if I made you pull any hairs out!