Need help on fixing SG_Base

Hello, me and my friend are trying to fix an revamp and old gamemode but it is supposed to use the sg_base. We have tried everything and we get this error

[ERROR] gamemodes/sg_base/gamemode/cl_spawnmenu.lua:11: attempt to index global 'utilx' (a nil value)
  1. HUDDrawTargetID - gamemodes/sg_base/gamemode/cl_spawnmenu.lua:11
   2. unknown - gamemodes/sg_ultimatedodgeball/gamemode/cl_init.lua:37

Heres the lines

	local tr = utilx.GetPlayerTrace( LocalPlayer(), LocalPlayer():GetCursorAimVector() )
	local trace = util.TraceLine( tr )
	if (!trace.Hit) then return end
	if (!trace.HitNonWorld) then return end

Pretty sure it’s meant to be util and not utilx