Need help on Flourescent Lighting.

I’m remaking the Police Station lobby from the Resident Evil 2 (Prototype). Anyway, I am using this model for the light source (lights_florescent01a.mdl) I tried the light_spot and point_spotlight entities, but I don’t know how to make them real and make the model look lit properly.



try a standard light entity with slightly off white color (never use pure white), since fluorescent lights are more brilliant than normal bulbs nor do they have a “spot light” effect.

The light isn’t bouncing, you have a leak in the map somewhere. Check for leaks and recompile.

Incorrect, from the picture I can see that the OP has used a point_spot entity to create that and a light_spot, point_sopts DO NOT cast any light (well they do but that’s dynamic and there useless). You will have to use just a normal light entity to give a florescent look and maybe like a light glare effect.

Thanks, guys. It’s beautiful, now. :smiley:

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How do I stop the env_sprite Glow stop fading when you’re close to it?

You don’t.

Fluorescent tend to “glow” hince the name, think of a blacklight. The chemical reactions in the tube create more UV than normal bulbs, in source you can use and almost total 255 white. IF you notice IRL lights will make colors stand out more than a normal bulb.
These like normal bulbs come in different colors so use your imagination

For normal bulbs you want to use and off white (a light tan) to give a realistic light effect. Also if you want to get technical you can lighten or darken the color with wattage of the bulb (only you will know the wattage in the map though) but typically a 40 watt bulb is dimmer than a 60 watt and so on.

For things like street light you have 2 types common, Mercury Vapor, or Sodium Vapor.
Mercury tend to produce more of a white/blue tinge light (warehouse lights, back yard security lighting, parking garages etc) where sodium makes the orangish ones common today on most streets and freeways, some parking lots and some security lighting.

Actually Warehouse lighting is a Halide vapor bulb but produces the damn near same light a mercury bulb does. Also some use sodium bulbs so you can variate the types in a map to add to realism (they replaced bulbs, or different bulb makers etc all produce different light)

Spot lights are what they say they are, the produce a directed light pattern, good for well situations where you need a light pointing at something like a bill board, car head lights, even an airport nav marker on a rotating door.

It’s hence, by the way.

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