Need help on lua: GDCW's base

Hello, I need some help with a SWEP I’m trying to make, and yes, I have made a SWEP before.
The problem is that I’m trying to merge both Clavus’s VModel code, where it adds a model to a model without decompiling/compiling/modeling, and GDCW’s SWEP base
so I can add a sight overlay, and that sight overlay will not show up. Though, it does show up when I remove Clavus’s VModel code off the SWEP base, but there won’t be
a extra model on my model. I’m using a custom vtf as my overlay, and no, that’s not the problem, it works when I remove Clavus’s VModel code as I said earlier.

So yeah, here’s both the SWEP code, and the base code, the problem is most likely in the base code, but feel free to check out the SWEP code as well.

SWEP code:
Base code:

Also add a pastebin link of the fixed code if you have fixed it, Thank you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m not planning to use the code commercially, if I wish to do so, I would ask both lua scripters for permission, as of right now, this is only for personal use.