Need help on LUA Scripting!

This thread is now dead, due to the gamemode that it pertained to (RealRP) did not fit the guidelines of Gamemode Development (was an edit of DarkRP). The gamemode will not be released, as it is added to my list of failed add-ons.
Sorry for any (which there probably isin’t any) inconvenience.

You said “DarkRP”, “Based off of”, and “Which LUA script” in the same post.

Sorry. I posted this thread because didn’t help me at all. Now I know that everyone on Facepunch dislikes people that don’t know how to script LUA proffesionally. :frowning:

No i just dislike people under the age of 15 online.

I was asking a question. Everyone else asked questions. They got answers. I didn’t. Why can’t I get answers?

RE ToNi: You rated that comment friendly? How is that comment friendly?

Because you’re asking for help on a gamemode disliked by a lot of coders on top of that you’ve shown nothing.

If it bothers you so much, I will add RealRP to my list of failed add-on projects.

I think people done tend to help others who dont seem to have tried and failed at what there doing, it kind of sounds abit like a request.

I have never edited dark rp but if I was to guess I would say once you have replaced the weapons you will then need to add the resources for these files. After that go to the file with the menu and have a look at what functions the menu calls, aswell as where it gets the lists for the ammo types from and just start replacing, there probably will be bugs if you did that all correctly since im guessing those weapons may be expected to be in the game, search the whole folder to make sure there is no words which are to do with the old ammo.

This is just how I would do it but I hate gmod rp’s so thats as much as I can help

Well, thanks for trying to help me (something that other people wouldn’t). I know what to do, but if you or anyone else knows the LUA script to edit, please tell me. I really want to release this gamemode!