Need help on using sv_loadingurl

The forum I made for a sv_loadingurl wasn’t working properly, so I just wanted some basic tips on using sv_loadingurl like, making a webpage, all that crap.

One, you need a page for the loading page. You can add ads, updates, etc.
Two, in the server config, put in sv_loadingurl [your site] and save.
Done, this will now show as a loading page on your server.

What Jarrod said, its pretty simple, there’s not many tips to give. I’m assuming your page didn’t load though because the Garry’s Mod sv_loadingurl usually loads slow even on a basic site with some text and a tiling background, so loading an entire forum is probably a no-no.

Sv_loadingurl seems to only work after using “changelevel”, for some reason.

Add the “sv_loadingurl” to your autoexec.cfg. If you do not have one just create it in your cfg folder.

Sorry this is late, but make sure you’re putting the URL in quotes. If you don’t, it will try to display http:. The engine will read the // in http:// and make that + everything else a comment