Need help optimising my server so I get more players joining

Hey guys!

A True Gamer here and I need help optimising my Garry’s mod sandbox server so I can get more players on. The problem is I just seem to see not Much people joining or staying on for too long.

Let’s say… I get around 2 to 3 people joining every so often but most of them are my friends on steam. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong it’s not private, its in the list and the ports are forwarded so people can join my server.

Here is a bit of info about my server please do not take this as advertising I’m not going show the ip or name.

Ok so I roughly get 5 people on every 3 hours at a time.

It’s home hosted and I have a pretty good internet connection so not much lag unless say… Your in America then your ping would get to about to 200 to 300 if there is a lot of props on the game.

Sometimes it crashes because some people like to spam a whole lot of props, those mingebags.

Anyway I need help getting my server populated and get more traffic
I have a pretty decent protection addon (FPP) and decent rules like,
Don’t spam and don’t use offensive words, and all those other basic rules for Garry’s mod sandbox.

I just don’t know why people don’t join my server., As well I see, when I have say like 9 people on that’s like pretty rare, but I see that more people join. I see how people like joining populated servers.

I have pretty fun addons as well.

Tdm cars.

Five nights at freddy’s one and two npc’s. Please don’t make fun of the fact that I have five nights at Freddy’s mods on my server.

Some useful tools. Example, stacker and wiremod.

I have a community group on steam for the server.

Ok… One more thing ok so one of my friends on steam, five nights told me that I need my server on the top of the list to get a good amount of people on. My server is in the list but I don’t know where for other people. on my list when I try to join its at the top of the list, obviously because I’m hosting it.

The server is hosted in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia,

So can you guys please reply how I can make my server great to join and and a enjoyable experience, and also how I can get it at the top of the list for other people.

Hope you guys reply and help me out.

Sorry if I’m advertising anything, I apologise if I did.


If you really want to optimise your stuff, code everything yourself. Having a bunch of addons with unmanaged hooks and shit crammed in is not optimal.

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So what do you mean about coding and and about all the addons crammed I have them all in the addons folder

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So can anyone help me

I mean that you have a ton of different addons with different hooks and functionality. Optimised code works when it’s not all separate addons, when it’s made to interact with each other and not create a bunch of useless globals and tables and net messages.

Yea ok

But I want to know how to get more players on my server and get more traffic
Aswell what do you mean by hooks

Players will come overtime also instead of Five nights at freddy addons maybe make it into a ACF building server with PA and some other usefull tools

A personally programmed server is very appealing, as it’s genuinely one of a kind.

Yea ok

But I’ll keep the five nights at freddys mods because most of my friends enjoy using that stuff and it’s great fun

Also ima banned of my comp till I go back to school soo I can’t add ACF to my server obviously because my server is hosted at my home but can you gimme a video link or teach me how to install ACF and PA.

By the way I got useful tools like, stacker, door stool, persision tool, persision alignment, wiremod and other useful building tools like rt camera and stuff.

But anyway please tell me how to install ACF addons and such on my server.


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So what does that mean

Finding links is not that hard… and what J1NX posted he ment that you code stuff for your own server

You have to be 18 or older to host a server, this is part of the Big Server Men rules.

You also need to learn what Google is and use it instead of asking questions about stuff that is all over Google.

Dude I’m 16

And it doesn’t matter what age you are to host a gmod server you just gotta be old enough to fix fights with users able to help players and be not a mingebags owner who punishes users for no reason

And I’m great at solving problems on my server so if you are gonna judge how old you have to be to host a server than y don’t you host your own mate!

So leve me alone with the whole 'you have to be 18 to host a gmod server big man rules" I’m mature enough to have my own gmod server so just stop mate.

I do host my own, thanks for asking.

And that’s just the gmod servers.
Most of the questions you have asked can be found on Google, if you want more serious mature players then get rid of that FNAF crap, you will find no one on Facepunch that likes it.

You defy the will of the big server men? We’ll have to send a strike team to your server to appropriate all its profits and set your players back onto the right path of thinking. It’s for your own good my friend.


All my donations and scriptfodder sales go towards the Big Server Men cause. Prop Kill will be eliminated all in good time. Serverwatch make your time.

You act as if making servers is very hard. All you gotta do is make your server unique, fun, and fair. Also, you’re probably not going to get traffic on a sandbox server. Your only hope is bots and npcs for now

Most of the people here are right, its better if you’re older since you can handle stuff better, and if you cant even understand that you should code everything by yourself, and ask how to get players, then its more or less useless to host a server, trust me.

I can handle stressful situations and manage my server and it’s not like I don’t know how to control a gmod server. I know how to use commands and all that stuff. The good news is I took your advice and made my server one of a kind I added a variety of addons that other servers don’t have like some train addons some npc’s, some cool cars plus a variety of tools and it’s working I am getting a bit more traffic it’s like now 3 to 5 people every hour and on the weekends I get around 7 to 10 people on.

turn noclip off, turn pvp on, dont add prop kill protection, host your server on another computer, add m9k, add PVP to your server name or something that will make people want to join, get a proper dev, remove the fnaf stuff, dont overload your server with addons that take ages to download, get a decent map, add wiremod, but turn e2 off, keep npc limit to 0, or the better thing is to actually get a proper host for your gmod server.

Good god my face is melting. That sounds horrible.

Ok thanks but some statement said:
PVP is on
No lip is on obviously because it’s a build server
My computer I got is pretty decent but my friend is gonna host me a gmod server soon
Prop kill protection is off
I tried putting m9k on the server but when people join they have to download them but I’ll take your advice which ones should I install
Ok I’ll add pvp to my server

What does it mean by a proper dev?
Remove the fnaf stuff? Why? Me and my friends enjoy it and it doesn’t needed to be downloaded when you join so what’s the big deal with having fnaf on my server seriously come on
I only have a couple of things that need to be downloaded when you join like wiremod pac3 and a sweep that’s all people need to download when they join.
Ok I tried a bunch of maps before like Gm_genisis_b24 gm_construct_flatgrass_v6-2 and some countless others ones but the problem is earthier people have difficulties joining where they get a missing map error or it takes too long to join. What would it do?
I’m not turning E2 off because I like the addon I use it all the time.
And as you said before to get a proper host I will eventually get one either by my friend or me paying for it myself

Hope you answer back thanks.