Need help playing GMod online

Me and my frined have gmod but cant play online together. When I click “create server” and my friend tries to join he gets “server not responding”. I’ve already tried unticking the lan box but it doesnt make a difference. Just wondering if anyone knows what I should do.

i dont thinhk u can do that [ i dunno ]
i think u need to use a bought or rent server

You need to give him your IP. Unfortunatly Gmod isn’t too great with routers and whatsnot.

And you may need to port forward the port 27015.

Ok here ya go

just follow instructions on the site and then I think you have to look for is HL2 server or something like that? It should tell you what to do… It is pretty straight forward…

ok cheers guys

Did it work?

nope :frowning:

Did you forward the ports?