Need help please Multiplayer error "Server not Responding"

Ok, so lets say I try to start a New multiplayer game everytime i try to invite my friend he gets this error through the invitation or if he joins me its god damn retarded and its been pissing me off for the longest time, this goes for the same if i join him please can anyone help me with this

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Thank you for him being banned, Seriously im new to garrys mod’s multiplayer i could really use some help on this, is it because i need to have a dedicated server, because i thought that but iv searched everywhere when it comes to youtube and they aren’t updated 2011 dedicated server tutorials. It would be much appreciated

Have you forwarded ports?

Your ports are probably not open. plus you must give him your IP to find this goto then your friend must type " connect [IP HERE] " in his console.
(without the and " ")

Do that after you open your ports. :buddy:

This is a pretty common “Problem”.

The thing is that your Router has the GMod multiplayer ports blocked by default, so even though you’re hosting a server, no information or data gets past your router.

Here’s some links to help you through the process of port forwarding if you want to bother.

Use this to find your router and how to port forward.

Use this specific part of the page to see what ports to actually forward

If you do this, It should work

Hope this helps.

x2. If your ports are open, which has a good set of ports listed, that’s the best way to connect to your friend’s game.