Need Help please -Rust Ingame-Chat didnt work- Key bindings ?

Hi Mates !

Got some horrible Problem, my Ingame Chat didnt work. Found this in the www and i got the same Prob.

"The issue is since rebinding the chat command I cannot send chat in any server. I am able to open the chat box and type but when I hit enter it locks out, nothing sends, and I have to hit escape to clear it before doing anything else. I really want to reset to the default keybinds but I have no idea how the config file works. I have done everything from deleting the client.cfg file to uninstalling rust, deleting the folder, clearing my registry, reinstalling rust and STILL seeing the changed keybinds and unable to fix my issues. So obviously the keybind file is somewhere else. Someone please just tell me where I can find the keybind file or reset it besides doing what I have done. This is a serious issue that is keeping me from playing the game enjoyably."

Here’s what I myself have tried

  • Delete client.cfg
  • ReInstall Rust
  • change Key Bindings for Chat to default (@ starting Game), nothing works.

Rust runs on Win10 Pro 64Bit.

Anyone an Idea ?

Thx @ all



To reset the controls open the registry editor by typing regedit in the search bar of windows and then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Facepunch Studios LTD and then delete the Rust folder and then exit the registry editor and when you launch Rust again the controls should be reset in the launcher.

thx Holmzy. I will tell you if it works :slight_smile:

It works :slight_smile: Many thanks