Need help populating please

Hiya guys and girls.

We have a experimental main branch server,TS3 and gaming community named HappyNnaked[HNn] which is just rust ATM but we are looking to broaden our horizons with new games as soon as we have regular players
and a decent steam group fanbase.(In fact in our steam group there is a thread where members can vote on the games they want to see us play also.)
We also have very active, friendly admins that are always happy to help new players to experimental or rust in general.
We will not tolerate hacking glitching or griefing. Beating a man(or woman) to death with a rock while they beg for mercy is totally acceptable. XD

We have our own TS3 server so we can have a proper chin wag :~) (I.P and Password can be found in our steam group discussion board when you join)

You can search for [HNn]Active Friendly Admins(08/11/14) No wipe.2xdaily saves
in the server browser
In game menu press F1 and type or copy/paste Client.connect

Feel free to ask questions about us. please keep it reasonably civilized chaps. Save the brutalness for in-game XD

Cannot wait to make some new friends so come join us soon.

Thanks muchly from VV and [HNn]community


Apologies didnt even see that message board let alone that sticky. Hopefully a admin can move me. Thanks in advance

Well the sub-forum is hidden so you really have to type 417 in the f=XXX in the URL… can’t blame you for that. I think the mods don’t want advertising of servers but they still want to feel righteous in banning you if you post… lol

If i go to where all the forums are and i click on the rust white lettering above rust general dicussion it just takes me to a blank page with members at the top.
On a brighter note thanks to vachon’s link i have a whole new forum to browse. so thanks for that vachon :slight_smile: