Need help puting togeather a swep package...

I just started lua only a few days ago and have been experimenting with it and a found a swep pack that someone uploaded that did not work so i used one of his models and made it into a working swep, I liked it a lot and thought “Why not share it with the world so they can enjoy it too?” , well since im new to the whole uploading sweps thing, I really dint know how to package it or what to put in it except from what I have seen in other peoples sweps, so i figured I needed the view model and the sound and the shared lua, so I uploaded it like that thinking " hey mabey it will work" but I got a lot of nasty coments saying how bad I was at making sweps and how I did not have all the things i needed in the package, so basicly I came here to ask what do you need in a basic swep package?

tl;dr : what do you NEED in a basic swep package?

any advice as to how I should go about making this pack?

a swep

Dude. Your SWEP did not work. So, I took your n00bish SWEP and fixed it.

Here’s your fixed SWEP.

Okay, here’s what you need:

  1. Base. If the SWEP runs on a base besides weapon_base or weapon_cs_base, upload the base.

  2. Models. Needs to have the v_model and w_model (if it has one) and everything else in the models/weapons folder or whatever (e.g. w_rif_ak47.vtx, w_rif_ak47.phy…)

  3. Materials. It needs to have materials for hands (if not default CSS or HL2) and the weapon itself.

  4. Sounds. It needs to have it’s firing sound and reload sound and stuff (if not default).

    That’s about it.