Need help putting Golden Forge on TTT server.

So I tried using the workshop version and putting it in this code
“1” “104466381” // GoldenForge
But I tried pressing F4 and it didnt work could somebody help me out?

What is the name of the file and where did you place it?

and I placed it in \orangebox\garrysmod\

Restart your server and look in console as it starts up, are there any errors reported?

Make sure workshop.vdf looks exactly like:
“1” “104700241” // Insurgency Swep Pack Expansion

In console you should get this:

[lua]Processing Workshop Addons
Getting list from “workshop.vdf”
Mounting Addon ‘Insurgency Weapons Expansion Pack’ (104700241)

Now, it may say “Downloading” instead of “Updating…” and then give number percentages, but if it says something such as “Download Failed” then there isn’t anything you can do.

Sorry if I sound like an idiot but im hosting on Xenon how would I see a console

I’d also like to know, what other addons do you have in your workshop.vdf, occasionally, if a certain addon is broken, all the addons that come after it, won’t load. This is true for Keypad Cracker, for instance. So if I were to place it as the first, only it would be loaded, if I put it as third, the first three would load, but four to the end would not load.

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There should be an icon or button somewhere that says “web console” on your control panel. I’m not 100% sure, because Xenon sucks ass as a provider, worse than all others, and I haven’t used it in ages.

Ok I got it working thanks for the help! Also, is there a way to make it to where on Vip’s can use it?

You would have to unpack the addon, learn lua, edit the addon, and reinstall it on the server in legacy format.

Sorry for posting again but I cant figure out how to add custom hats/trails im in the lua files but it dont see a file called Items

Did you already unpack the addon?

Sorry i’m new to this how would I extract the addon?
Edit nvm just did it what now.

To extract an addon you need to download a software program that can do so, just editing .gma file won’t yield results, as the workshop will notice the changes and rectify them. You would need to unpack it, see how the gamemode handles items, learn lua, and then repack it as a legacy addon.

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It’s not something you do in 5 minutes.

Isn’t goldenforge broken for 13 anyway? I thought the only working public one around was Pointshop.

There’s a working version now on the Workshop, but because it’s on the Workshop, you can’t really edit it without jumping through hoops. No real way to add custom content.