Need Help Quick Vapes

-- weapon_vape_medicinal.lua
-- Defines a vape that heals the player

-- Vape SWEP by Swamp Onions -

if CLIENT then

SWEP.PrintName = "Christmas Vape"

SWEP.Instructions = "LMB: Christmas Clouds
 (Hold and release)
RMB & Reload: Play Sounds"

timer.Simple( 1, function() 
local X = math.random(0,1)
if X == 1 then 
local Y = 0 else
local Y = 1 end

SWEP.VapeAccentColor = Vector(Y,X,0) 
SWEP.VapeTankColor = Vector(Y,X,0)

-- note: healing functionality is in weapon_vape/init.lua

Attempting to make a vape that has red a green smoke and changes from red to green on the model. Im horrible at code and i just need help with this small project. Thanks in Advance, if you decide to help :stuck_out_tongue: <3