Need help resizing playermodel

I made a playermodel recently and I would like it to be a little smaller. I rigged it with CaptainBigButt’s proportions method because the character model had slightly shorter arms than the average playermodel. Now the model has correct proportions but I noticed he’s way too big.

He’s about a head taller than Kleiner, but I’d like him to be about a head shorter than the average playermodel while maintaining his current proportions. I’ve found mods that can resize playermodels while maintaining the correct rigging and proprtions. the Attack on Titan mod that turns you into a Titan for example. It makes your playermodel significantly larger while maintaining the same proportions. So I was wondering if there was a line I could put into my .qc that could change the scale of my playermodel.

You can try recompiling with $scale 0.9, you would place that before your lines that have any .smd files.$scale

That does scale the mesh down, but it just makes him really skinny, this must only scale the mesh and not the skeleton along with it because it looks really awkward.

If you’re already using the proportions method, you could simply scale down both your meshes and the skeleton they’re bound to. $scale only changes the “thickness” when used on playermodels

When I scale the mesh and the skeleton it’s bound to down it does make the model and skeleton smaller but then the model begins hovering above the ground with it’s knees bent very awkwardly and some of the rigging looks off.

Ensure your rotations match the reference. From there, play with the height of the pelvis and of the model itself to ensure it walks correctly.