Need help rigging a Corn Pops Cereal Box

Hey yall, I recently discovered the joy of Milkshape 3D, oh maiz, oh maiz.

Anyway, I have a project, for a said friend, who goes by Corn Pops, a.k.a. Cawn Pewps. And I promised him I would

  1. Make a single Corn Pop as a knife.
    2.Make a Corn Pops play set.

I can model and compile them, no problem.
the thing is, I dont know how to make them into player models for CS:S. I’ve searched Google, nothing but how to install skin tutorials. Anyway, Id thought id come to you guys as this is a comical gesture and I wan’t to suprise my friend for his 17th birthday.


Smexy screenies:

Yalls help will be greatly appreciated, whether yo ucan do it for me or just show me how to. Thanks in advance!


$100 bucks to the first person who replies with a usefull answer.

I don’t think you can rig a box to a human skeleton.

And you may want to work on that more, you’ve got some terribly stretched textures.

I know i do. And I didnt ask if i can or cant, I want to know how you would rig it to a skeleton. Thank you.

So you want a single corn pop as a knife? Like, just a guy holding a little golden nugget to stab people? That’s piss easy.

I dont need help with a knife, you asshole. I need help with THIS.

I’m still not exactly sure what you want, and that was totally uncalled for.

In case you couldn’t read, i need to know to rig a playermodel.

Yeah but with your low post count, bad grammar, and slightly annoying wording, I wasn’t sure you knew exactly the terminology you were searching for.

I came into this thread ready to help, but alas, you don’t deserve it.

Just a friendly tip, You might want to change the rest of the sides. The front is fine. But you should probably make the other sides look more like a cereal box. And Cereal boxes don’t use the same image on all 6 sides of the box variously stretched out.

I mean, unless those are just filler and you’re planning on adding the Nutrition facts and Box top/Bottom textures. Then it looks fine.

Yeah they were just filler, I obviously knew they were like that, TBH this is my first model ever, so not real talented yet. Real good with MilkeShape in general though…

I gotta have my Pops.

I might be able to get the box as a view model, but I just switched modeling programs so, maybe not. My point is that I will try. Cannot promise anything.

Is there some way that you can put a skeleton type model INSIDE of the box, so you can rig that and and the box will look like its you know… a box?

I don’t quite know what you mean by that. Also I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, I’m really busy.

Do you want it to bend at all? As if you dont just line the box up over the valve biped rig and rig the whole thing to the pelvis bone… job done.