Need help rigging and need help making phy models with blender

i have this sfm model and i want it in gmod i can easily decompile it and etc but i was wondering if i can learn how to rig and make proper phy models soo I can do models yea. So about the sfm model. now as im aware of that sfm doesnt need phys model but the model i want is in sfm but i want it in gmod but i need to make a phy model for it but dont know how to. so can anyone like teach me how to do it?

Good god. I’m sorry but reading that made my eyes sting.

Anyway, if you own Left 4 Dead 2, just browse over to the release source content they provide and see how they built their physics models. You could even reference their code and just build off their physics model until it fits your own model.

All you need to keep in mind is that gmod is limited to 25 hulls and each hull should only be assigned to one bone.

What type of model are you talking about? If its humanoid you can use physmodel in Source SDK content.

its human

then if you have source sdk you can use this :


search for files:
ragdoll.qci -> its qc include to include write “$include <qci file>” to your main qc, qci must be at same folder as main qc

and ragdoll.smd -> its a physmodel.

if your model does not have valve bip then reskin ragdoll.smd to your bones and you should make new $jointconstrains in hlmv, otherwise ignore this part.

to get physmodel for human you can decompile any hl character. physmodels are same.

hey for a phymodel can i use the reference for one aswell?

If you mean use a reference model as a physics model, you really really shouldn’t. The collision mesh is built to be a really cheap model basically composed of blocks. It’s only there to ensure large parts of the model don’t clip with itself or with the world / other models. Anything too expensive is unnecessary and generally results in a terrible looking assuming the engine will assign the solid weights automatically. Just use one of the citizen physics meshes, and if you don’t mind a little extra effort, it doesn’t take long to shape it to fit your character.

i have to add the skeleton to the model right

Yes. The skeleton you use for the reference is the same skeleton you’ll want to use for everything else (bodygroups, physics model, etc).

oh shit. i got one question. to model is pose differently then the phy model ragdoll.smd does that matter>

If you’re making a custom survivor with the same bones as the default survivors, then you can easily just reuse the survivor’s physics model without modifying anything.

how do i modify the phy model im not making a custom survivor btw im just porting a sfm model to gmod

A way most people do it is by cutting the model up in the areas they think will move when the ragdoll hits the ground. For example, let’s say you cut in-between the forearm and the arm. This will make a small gap between the arm and forearm.
This small gap represents a joint or an area where the model will bend when the player or the environment interacts with the model.

If you need anymore help or a visual tutorial, then head over the mariokart64n’s YouTube or Facepunch thread.

Click here for his thread.

Click here for his YouTube account.

Here is the video tutorial for making a custom physics model.

Honestly you can just view an existing physics model and adjust it so that it fits your mesh. The Source physics meshes are generally made from cylinders and have a cleaner result than butchering the original model might have.

Hello I have a model I want to port can someone help me