Need help rigging custom melee weapons.

can anyone tell me how to properly rig a custom melee weapon (sword) or just send me a link to a tutorial

for MilkShape 3D

Select the weapon model and assign it to the appropriate bone/joint.

can anyone tell me how to do that?

Under the ‘Joints’ tab, double-click on the bone/joint that belongs to the weapon to select it (it’s usually pretty obvious to see what bone/joint that is - it’s usually labeled something simple that shows it as the weapon bone/joint). After that, go to the ‘Groups’ tab, then hold Shift and double-click on the model group that belongs to the weapon model itself. At this point, you will have both the weapon bone/joint and the weapon model selected. Go back to the ‘Joints’ tab and click on the ‘Assign’ button. The model should now be assigned to the proper bone/joint, so export it as a .SMD.

How do I make a model a melee weapon from scratch ( I have the model )