(NEED HELP) SCars and Npc dealer!

Hi, i am having trouble with the famous mod SCars by: Sakarias88 And the Npc Shop by: <CM> Jonno <Punk> BOTH on steam workshop. SCars is very similar to TDMcars but it has WAY more functions such as cars blowing up and lights and sounds, and the npc car dealer can sell these cars to players. The problem is SCars uses Multiple files for the cars (wheels, body) And you have to use a SCars tool ingame to spawn the full car, you can actually go to the SCars tab as well and spawn cars from there, but if i were to spawn in hummerh1.mdl it only spawns in the body of the vehicle with no wheels or seats. The problem is the npc car dealer spawns cars using their model path, so it Technically works, but it only spawns the body of the cars… i need the npc car dealer to spawn the full vehicle like it does in the SCars menu… PLEASE HELP!

Spawn the scar? The folder name and it will spawn as an entity? I don’t really have a clue as I don’t use scars but that would probably work.

Scars use entities instead of actual vehicles.

So you would need to recode the NPC.

(i’m not entirely sure as i made my own NPC script coded around scars which i would recommend more than fixing up a script to work for it)

@Evil Melon
Would you be able to forward me that npc script? I need it so players can buy the car, then deploy it when ever they want after pruchasing it.

Bump I never got a solution