Need help Seting Up Perp

Hey guys i wanted to know if someone can help me setup perp because it says This

  1. Get a mysql database
  2. Import the .sql file
  3. Go to sv_hooks.lua in gamemode and change the tmysql config at line 124 and fast dl at 128.
  4. the Phoenix Dawn folder goes into addons. It’s ASSMOD for perp
  5. Modules needed:
    (maybe i forgot some, you will see if any errors pop up) <---- get modules, libmysql goes in the first gmod folders, all other go into lua/includes/modules
  6. Get evocity_33x to run
  7. Everything probably won’t work
  8. Google the content.
  9. There are some minor changes you could do but it’s not worth.

and i dont know were to PUT THE agserversperp3.sql and i need help plz get back to me thx!! guys

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