Need help setting up a DARKRP server (Will pay)

Im a noob at setting up a server i have had some help so far it just need help with the details and other aspects will pay for any work carried out on the server,


Thank you any help would be much appreciated and payment will be made through paypal

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What do you need done (in big lines) and how much are you willing to pay?

Depends on how much work you can do on the server and hours spend on it but about £20-30+

Do you want help just getting it up and going? Or do you want custom stuff added to it?
If it’s just the first one, I run a Dark RP server and can help you set it up, but that’s about it.

Its a bit of both the server is more or less set up but there are allot of issues i need ironing out and i need mods and other things added to the server to make ours and other more technical details of the server.

Add me on Skype: bungletrpg

If your still open… Im here.

Add XenZibe

I’m toddtrollington1337 on Skype. I can probably do it for free.
Also I was alot younger when I made the account, hence shit name.

1 year is in no means a lot younger, by any age really. Well, anyone who should be on facepunch, before some sarcastic twat says a 2week old baby.

11 to 12 is the same context, as is 20 to 21.