Need help setting up a DarkRP server

I have 10$ AUD in Paypal, I have a host on CobaltGaming, and I was wondering if anyone would give me some quick help on setting up a basic DarkRP server? cheers

Add me on steam, ms333, my steam name is -MS-


Look it up on Google. There are plenty of tools and tutorials out there that will help you set it up. By the way what is your sever IP? I enjoy DarkRP and I would like to check out your server. PM me about it.

You don’t even need any help from others.
You should try to experiment, and look up answers on Google, you will learn much more from that, and also be able to set-up your own server without asking for help.

agree with noztra. I never got any help with darkrp and it taught me a lot so I don get confused whenever I need to do things. If you do it yourself it might take longer but you will get more experience so you dont have to pay $10 AUS every time you have a problem

Addition: google is your friend so use and abuse it well