Need help setting up a stream on twitch

I’ve been playing the game for a while now and i’d like to be able to stream the game on twitch.
Problem is that i cant seem to get my broadcast software (OBS or Xsplit) to work.

I keep getting a lot of dropped frames, laggy streams or a stream that suddenly goes offline after about 30 seconds of being online.
Would be great if someone could help me out with getting my stream online :slight_smile:

Here are my specs:

Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
Intel® Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHZ
8.00 GB RAM
Screen resolution: 1680x1050


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So this is what i’ve tried in OBS:

Source window capture (Or do i need to use monitor capture?)
Quality balance: 8
Max bitrate: 1500
resolution: 1680x1050
resolution downscale: 1.50 (1120x700)
FPS: 30
CPU preset: medium

You aren’t getting any help here, move along.

Google obs guide and try what you find. Also your bit rate is low which can cause choppyness. Try going to 2000.

dat connexion speed :o

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You vote my post dumb, yet can’t offer any help. Lurk around and collect some common sense.

That’s because what you said WAS dumb and a douchy comment to say.

So the truth is dumb and douchy? Okay. Everyone here is a veteran and will gladly help you with your twitch instead of begging for keys.

Edit: The ironic thing is, the people who voted me dumb are exactly the same.

Use the Monitor Capture and put a check in the “capture layers” checkbox. That should allow you to capture the game in fullscreen if you want it to.

Also, have you added your steam key to your OBS? That might be why your stream is going offline…

If your using OBS, Use the Game Capture, Run the Game, and then hit the refresh button on the settings of OBS and then select the Game Client For Rust. Why your getting a frame drop, Im not entirely sure. Based on your Max bitrate to your Upload speed it should be fine.

If anything, try setting your max bit rate to 1200-1300

Quality 10
Max bitrate 3500
Resolution (Any 16:9)
FPS 30
CPU Preset Very fast

I think it’s probably the CPU Preset that’s causing it. These are the settings i use with a i5 4670k :slight_smile:

I quess that is only possible when you use 2 monitors? I cant check the capture layered windows box.
I’ll find a 2nd monitor and try it then. If there’s another way to stream in full screen, let me know please :slight_smile:

And i think you mean StReam key? Yes, i got that key from the twitch broadcast site. So that’s not the reason why it’s going offline the whole time.

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This helped me with running the stream in full screen mode :slight_smile:

Also, i’ve set my max bit rate to 2000 and i dont seem to get any dropped frames anymore.
The only problem now is that the stream on twitch randomly goes offline after 30-60 seconds. OBS says i’m online with no dropped frames.

Max bitrate 3000, buffer the same.
Try to select the closest server available to you, help a shitton.
CPU-preset: fast, your CPU is good but not a allwinner…
Quality: 8, takes away the blurrynes, sounds dumb but true.
FPS: taking note of your uplink, 30fps.

You are Dutch? What connection/provider you have? I have a shitty ass 40/4 from the KPN. I’ll keep it English here as that are the rules…

Edit2: Also, I keep being amazed about how my AMD Phenom ii x4 965BE @4.2ghz can stream and play any game at the same time with ease… (Btw, 4.2 is a golden clock…)

Thanks for your post But it’s still not working.
When the stream is online on twitch it’s running very smooth without any dropped frames or anything.
The only problem that’s still there is that i keep going offline after about 30-60 seconds. And OBS says i’m still online.

And yes, i’m dutch. I have fibre network from Concepts. Superfast internet :slight_smile:

Why are you being such a dick to everyone, StarMcBound? lol…

You think i did not already google it? I you want to help, google it yourself and tell me if you find some useful information about my problem.

Sooo… I found out something else. But lets start with what i’m using and doing right now:

Game capture mode (with full screen)
Quality balance 8
max bitrate 2000
Server Amsterdam (closest to me)
resolution 1680x1050 downscaled to 1120x700
FPS 30
CPU preset fast

I start the stream, go full screen ingame and watch the stream on twitch, on another computer next to me.
When playing in game i notice the screen on the computer next to me freezes after about 30-60 seconds, and then goes offline. This happens every single time and i did it over 20 times today.

Now the weird part.

Because i was still playing the game i didn’t stop the stream so i just let it stream the whole time. After about an hour, when it was time for a break, i stopped OBS.
Later today i found out that that whole hour of gameplay is recorded and can be seen by everyone on twitch.

So OBS sends my stream to twitch but twitch can’t show it live? I have no clue what is going on here :frowning:

Dude I will help ya out … Setting up your stream with OBS is easy.

Tools you need

Setting up Dxtory:

Follow jackFragg’s tutorial on setting up dxtory.

From there Check the Live output feed on Video settings and Go to the Yellow tab in the bottom left and set the res to 1280 x 720

Setting up OBS. For full 1080p you will need around 2500 kbps DO not do this stream at 720p and set the bitrate at around 1200 to 1500

in the encoding use CBR checked… Do not use custom Quality…

In Broadcasting Settings there is a check box that says minimize network impact check that.

make sure you add your api key from twitch. Pick the best and closest location to you. this matters alot. Some servers will give you a bad trace route.

In Video Set the Custom display to 1280 x 720 to no use downscaling Set the FPS to 25 - 30

In advanced check use CFR

In X264 CPU preset Change that to Fast. Never ever use med or anything lower then Fast. No matter what CPU you have. If you want your stream to look better up the bitrate never cpu load. Make sure MultiTreading is checked

I know how to stream already bro. I use OBS i actually tried finding a solution for u but im on a win7 and ur on win8 or mac? i dno…

Thanks, my stream looks even better now with your settings.
Dxtory is only for capturing the footage and putting it on your computer right? So i wont need it for streaming.

But the problem is still there! I keep going offline after about 30 seconds but OBS keep recording. After i while i can see the full video, even after the stream has gone offline, on my twitch channel.