Need help setting up a TTT server.

Hello guys, I just made an account here because I’m trying to run a TTT server from my computer and I’m having problems, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is.

First off, the game will only start in sandbox mode. It says “unknown command sv_defaultgamemode”

As I said I don’t really know what to do, this is my first time at all ever making a Gmod server. I guess I can post my config files?


hostname "// MoJo \\ MoJo Team Gaming Server"
rcon_password "Cmon now, you cant see my password"
sv_password ""
sv_lan 0
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0
sbox_noclip 1
sbox_godmode 0
sbox_weapons 0
sbox_playershurtplayers 1
sbox_maxprops 750
sbox_maxragdolls 750
sbox_maxnpcs 300
sbox_maxballoons 300
sbox_maxeffects 300
sbox_maxdynamite 300
sbox_maxlamps 300
sbox_maxthrusters 300
sbox_maxwheels 300
sbox_maxhoverballs 300
sbox_maxvehicles 300
sbox_maxbuttons 300
sbox_maxemitters 300
sbox_maxspawners 300
sbox_maxturrets 300
net_maxfilesize 64
sv_defaultgamemode "terrortown"

Didn’t quite understand the autoexec.cfg thing, but I made a file and only have this in it

sv_defaultgamemode "terrortown"

My startup code,

@echo off
echo Protecting srcds from crashes...
echo If you want to close srcds and this script, close the srcds window and type Y depending on your language followed by Enter.
title Watchdog
echo (%time%) srcds started.
start /wait srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_flatgrass +maxplayers 16
echo (%time%) WARNING: srcds closed or crashed, restarting.
goto srcds

If you need anything else, just let me know, and I appreciate the help ahead of time.

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Little bit of an update, I got the game to switch to TTT, but it won’t me let me join the server due to too many LUA errors. I get this in the console:

Couldn’t Load Init Scrip: ‘terrortown/gamemode/cl_init.lua’

I also am trying to install evolve mod and, after figuring out that I have to change the info.txt to addon.txt, get the same issue, I can’t join due to LUA errors and a similar console message.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

Any suggestions?

I figure I should also say that I fixed the TTT thing by changing sv_defaultgamemode to gamemode

Protip : dont

Whoah, a badass. watch out guys.

gamemode “terrortown”
instead of sv_defaltgamemode “terrortown”.