Need help setting up Dead Island ragdolls

I’ve gotten MJump’s Dead Island characters into the Source Engine, but with no collision mesh, and no posing for the face, eyes and fingers, so have this picture i took in SFM
(SFM because face/finger posing is currently handled by bones)

So far i’ve gotten the textures set up with temporary phong and ‘fake’ eyes, so as i’ve previously mentioned, what i need done is the collision mesh, and posing for the fingers, face, and eyes, the facial flexes can be the same as what the HL2 citizens use, i can do what i can to fix the weird/broken smoothing as well as fixing up the phong to make them resemble a bit more of what they look like in Dead Island

This zip file has the SMD files plus the textures in VTF and non-VTF format, and for testing, i decided to include the compiled MDL files along with the textures

Any help is appreciated :smiley:

Help this dude out. Awesome models