Need help setting up fast downloads

Here’s my problem, I have lots of addons installed on my server and only want the cache and the files specified in the forceddownloads.lua file to be downloaded by clients connecting to my server. It seems that everytime someone connects they have to download some files like materials and sounds that aren’t on the forced downloads file.

I was wondering how I can make sure that clients are only downloading the cache and files specified in the forced downloads file as I think some files are being forced from some of the addons I have installed some how.


Try checking some of your addons’ lua folders. Occasionally addon developers will make their own .lua files to add materials, models, etc. to the download list.

I suggest you to remove those addons completely. If you’re not going to use them, there’s no use of having them there since they uses space and will still be triggered if they have a lua code even if the materials/models/sounds isn’t downloaded. Like a custom weapon pack, they will still be put in the weapons spawnlist but players will just see ERRORs of those models.