Need Help Setting Up My Garry's Mod Server

A little about me 1st, Im not a young kid so please dont spam my posted saying stupid things, If you can’t help then please dont post. 35 male, TX married 2 kids. I have 6 server 5 CS:S and 1 Garry’s Mod Server, I cant figure out how to set up GM to a RP server. I know i need to load RP maps which i will do right after this post, i need someone that can give me a hand with the RP settings, mods, scripting or whatever it needs to make this a good fun server to play on, like when you hit the f4 key brings up a menu like “jobs, weapons,ect” well when you hit f4 in my server it does nothing, things like that i need help with. So if you have worked or set up GM servers before can you please help me, in return we can work something out, i am in need for like 2 more head admins on 1 or our CS:S servers maybe i can grant you head admin on 1. If you have never set up a GM server please dont bother posting in here unless you have something helpful to say, thank you.

You posted this in the wrong section, there’s an entire subforum for posts like this.


I haven’t tried to set up RP before but I know basically what to do.

There will be somewhere, (I’ll look in a bit if you give me which rp you want (like darkrp) as i’m nice like that) a download for the actually rp addon. You install this into the server in the gamemodes folder and then set the gamemode in the launch options I think.

The last bit I’m not so sure about but can find out.

Simple? Yes, unless I missed something.

If you want I can help you, its very easy to set up a rp server, it depends on what rp you want, if you want, add me on steam : bilbasio703

ok awesome i added you to my steam bilbasio, im thunderf4

I added you, can you tell me wich time zone you are?

Add me i can help you with any problems with Dark rp or any rp servers.