need help. someone can open the file *.SkeletalMesh

someone can help me open them?

Pretty sure you can open it with UDK.

oh thanks
that means I have to own UDK ? which version ?

Skeletal meshes is an axiom of Unreal, so any version.

it is not working

Unreal is the only engine I know that uses that skeleton mesh format. Where do you get these from?

from :v

.SkeletalMesh doesn’t exist in unreal. This is the file Gildor’s Extractor creates when trimming upk blocks. If you want the mesh you’ll need to open the original upk in umodel.

I have UPK umodel file and umodel but can not convert them to psk
can you help teach or convert them to psk for me ?

how I can unpack * .tfc file

You can’t extract a tfc file.

It only stores raw texture data with nothing else (names, size, etc) You would need both the upk and the tfc in order to get anything. Once you load up your upk file in umodel (stick the upk and the tfc you want to extract in the same directory as umodel if you don’t have the full game with all the paths) find the model you want by pressing pg up and pg down and hit ctrl + x this extracts everything currently loaded.

I tried with all files upk, but failed
only one model imported

Try renaming the filename as .psk

umodel converts the meshes to psk. The files aren’t written in psk.

rename --> error

i was extracted this game long long time ago … * -game=pla

I need a tutorial
can you help me ?

thank everyone.
I have done

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can i ask a question
how people can know the command line to export models

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One more thank everyone very much especially goreagus