Need help/suggestions for model hacks.

basicly im hacking/rigging together dutch from black lagoon

i have everything clothing wise for him

but need suggestions for a body/face for him.

also need a good tank top model.

Well, you could modify Francis’s torso and arms to remake the upper body for Dutch. Not entirely sure what to do for the head, though.

Dante from DmC should work for the tank top and/or torso as well, but I’m clueless on head models as well.

What about the black guy from bayonetta.

Alternatively headache tommy from remember me.

HL2 has some black citizens, can’t you just give one of them a bald head and glasses?

i would like to see a decent judge dredd

quality of the hl2 citizens are bad, unless the new facemap for dutch is bigger than the current texture the citizens have.

Hmm. People are porting Metal Gear Solid 4’s models too, so someone might have extracted Ed. If you use him, you get a head and arms that look a bit like your man:

He’s only got forearms though…

that head would work, but i dont think anyones ripped him.

Ah, damn. Sorry I couldn’t help you further man.

good luck on this page.

How about Hudson’s head, from Black Ops, with a reskin?

well if i knew how to do facemaps then this would be a good suggestion

sadly i dont know how to convert white to chocolate

I’ll help with a recolor if you can touch the face mesh up so it matches.

Overlaying a copy of the skin with ‘multiply’ in Photoshop works okay with some saturation touchups

i would if i could and if we are using hudsons head i would like to keep his face/head rigged so faceposing would be easier, last time i tried to edit a head that was rigged it screwed up the rigging.

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i could use zack from doa5, just add a beard to his facemap.