Need help texturing Bioshock Infinite models

I extracted all the files from Bioshock Inf. using the Unreal extractor. I know the basics of texturing, but right now need help. I am trying to texture the Undertow vigor, but in the FX_Undertow folder, there are only a bunch of .mat files and a few textures, none of which are the actual water texture. I tried opening the .mat files in 3ds Max, but it didn’t seem to do anything different. Help me out!!

Unreal extractor will extract pack files, that means it will extract files usable ONLY for Unreal Engine. These files are “raw”.
To get models/textures You’ll need UModel, it will extract textures to tga/png/dds format models to psk, Bioshock Inf. uses morpheme animation system so theres no way how to get animations yet.
You can import psk in every decent 3d ediitor, in 3ds max you should use ActorX importer (its a script, not plugin) also from gildor.

You cannot find any textures becouse they’re stored in container files away pack.
But I recommenind you do not use unreal extractor if you want only models/animations/textures or sounds.

I didn’t know there was a separate extractor called the Unreal extractor. I am using Umodel. My apologies.