Need help to a PointMod!

Hey guys out there! :slight_smile:
i need help to change a key from β€œf2” to β€œf5”! i searched scripts in very long time but i couldnt find it :s
this is the pointmod:

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  • thanks for yourtime :slight_smile:

I dont think thats possible unless you have a Module that makes you able to bind keys like F5.

but then how he scripted it so the client can press f2 and then the menu opens? :s

Additional Notes
You can not use this hook to detect KEY_ keys. This is strictly for IN_ keys.

You can’t Bind F5 with this.

but then i just need to find where i delete the f2 button because it goes over my β€œbuy door” command (it is darkRP i got)

Surely wont let him bind to F5

No but it shows him how to get it off of F2.

thanks!! very helpfull!