Need Help To convert Files Plz

Hey I just Got The Map Files From Dead Rising 1 CD

and The Format are .mod

I Can open them with a program called Noesis

But i can Convert them to Valve Smd

is it possible to compile all theres file into one big map cause its all separate like only walls . only floors … stores …

And i need to Convert them again to VMF then it will be compatible with hammer editor and i will be abled to fix up the map ?

Plz Help me i want them so bad

Im sorry if its the wrong place to post this

No, you cannot, to my knowledge convert from smd to vmf (models to brushes)

ok is there an other file possible ? i can conver it to

oh is there any Model Editor ? that i can edit it and use is as a … Prefab or something ?

.mdl is supported by most modelling packages, along with obj.

you could import into a modelling program, and combien the models, however you will not be able to reliably modify the models size in hammer.

hmm is there good 3d Program i can get for free ??

type in free 3d modelling software.

Or just go to


hmm danm