Need help to get my server known (not advertising)

Hello, I am a owner of a gaming community.
We have some people in the group but not many join our server often on gmod.
It’s a DarkRP server. We got ATMs and custom content. I am working on a mugging system for it.
We almost got anything a any other DarkRP server have. But players, I need know ways to get players.
I already tried advertising on forums in server advertising sections, but nobody seems to join.
I already tried to invite all my friends on steam.
I need to know a way to get players, please help!

(No mean comments please, I just need help getting players. So don’t comment
if you’re gonna comment mean things)

Thank you!

Your server needs to be unique rather being full of CoderHire scripts and the same generic DarkRP stuff.

Found your problem.

By the sounds of it, you’re not bringing anything fresh / unique. Give me a reason to want to come to your server.

No you don’t
Shit-quality players are willing to join servers that are boring with the same shit others have.

Also lol@mugging systems, I bet an automatic hit-man system is in so you can effectively RDM.

Just sit in the server along with your friends and people will come.
Also reducing the time it takes to download the stuff will help too.

Yeah, a lot of players are happy with the same old or stuff they’re used to, while others want something unique

Honestly, I’d say a lot of server popularity on big gamemodes is probably mostly luck based at this point :v:

Well then I need an idea for something unique… any ideas?

A good example is Murder, it’s just broken TTT but youtubers played it so it’s famous.

Unique shit doesn’t get popular or it doesn’t stay popular. Everyone on here thinks the key to success is uniqueness. What people want is something better. The most popular servers are servers with the same shit but do things better.

Keep your generic Coderhire shit but improve upon it. The formula for success is printed all over the top servers.