Need Help Using A Terrain Generator.

Hello everybody, is there anyone here who understands how to use Nem’s Terrain Generator or L3DT Pro then transport the map to Hammer and could teach me how to do that?
I’ve been trying to find anything on it, but have no success finding tutorials and such for gmod. I’ve been wanting to make a planet base like Rishimoon or Kamino,
but wanted the planet’s terrain to look realistic/natural to look better than just the terrain I could make in hammer.


Thanks for any advice you may have.

You can try DispGen

Well I meant How would I use those other 2 programs for Terrain in Hammer. I want a natural feel, but also shaped near to how I want it. try these just export as vmf :slight_smile:

that’s goldsrc

Nem’s Terrain Generator can export the terrain you make with it to a few formats ".vmf, .map, .rmf, .t3d, .dxf, .obj, .smf ,etc "

Will I be able to still edit move the map around in Hammer? I wanted to move the map to the bottom and cover it up with a skybox leaving space for more Area to create another are with the top space. Oh and what would be the size I make the map to fit the whole Hammer grid L&W size?

I think you’ll get an error if you try to compile your level with one large displacement its better to to make lots of smaller ones

my point is it doesn’t export displacements which is what you want for source engine.

Yeah, but what could I move all the displacements as whole and fit other skybox places with effecting the terrain map. Would I also be able to cut the Terrain to make space for a Mineshaft/Bunker Entrance to be place on the side of a hill?

yes you can, even though you are making smaller displacements, so long as there all the same power i.e 2 or 3 you can sew them together, you don’t cut displacements you would arrange the displacements in such a way that they make up your mineshift/bunker enterance

Ok, I’ve just been stuck at the moment getting the program to work. All I get on the screen once I generate a new terrain is top half of the window is black and bottom half is grey, is there anyway to fix that?

you have to use the arrow keys to move the camera in/out left/right grey is the ground and black is the sky area

Oh ok, I’m just used to how hammer works I never thought of that. Thanks for the help, I’ll see what I can after I fix my pc. It’s been having problems for the last week and am trying to fix them so I can get back to mapping